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I'm Catherine Kell, a trauma-sensitive Self-Compassion Coach, Mindfulness Teacher, Compassion Cultivation Mentor and Founder of The Self-Compassion Community.

Through The Self-Compassion Community I offer transformational online 1:1 coaching sessions, group workshops and programmes and use a blend of guided practices, exercises, meditations, hypnosis and nervous system care to help people learn, cultivate and practice self-compassion in order to live in healthy, kind and supportive relationship with themselves. To step into their full expression. To enjoy who they are. To flourish and thrive.

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Catherine Kell
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The power of mindfulness-based self-compassion ...

The relationship we have with ourselves is the only one we have that is guaranteed to be lifelong. And it’s one so many of us struggle with.

We can be overwhelmed by our own self-criticism and judgement. And it's tough to be keeping ourselves company with unhelpful internal narratives playing out daily. Being in healthy relationship with ourselves builds our resilience, boosts our life-satisfaction and bolsters our coping skills, and in turn, enables us to be more supportive and caring of others. Amidst the busyness of demanding modern life, learning to tune into our own needs and support ourselves, through good times and bad, promotes mental and emotional wellbeing. Self-compassion also helps us learn to stand in our power, to speak up for ourselves and protect ourselves.

Self-compassion is about enabling ourselves with tools and resources that support us and develop our ability to notice how we are really feeling and respond attentively, and kindly, to those feelings.

I teach and mentor people to develop self-compassion and mindfulness practices, increasing their resilience to deal with challenges, struggles, mistakes and failure. None of us are immune to those things and at some stage or other life does deliver us difficulties, whether in our personal lives or our working lives. It's part of the shared human experience.

My focus is on resource-building and mentoring people to cultivate new skills and practices which aid and support. It is a privilege to mentor and guide people along what is a therapeutic and life-changing journey. 

Testimonials reproduced on this site are all verifiable but have been anonymised in order to maintain confidentiality in the public domain.

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"Couldn't have done this without you - you've changed our world in one weekend."

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"Superb interpersonal skills. Catherine is a great

mentor and fantastic communicator."

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"Catherine Kell is one of

the most caring,

diligent people that I

have ever met."

About me

Catherine Kell

I'm a former board level executive director who rose quickly ... and became burnt out. I am also a former voice artist - something which served me well when a life-changing injury occurred in 2006. I suffered a ‘hip replacement gone wrong’ which left me with major arterial internal bleeding and genuinely fighting for my life.


Self-compassion helped me find a way through ...


"Cultivating self-compassion means we develop a support system of our own. We become more resilient. We become much kinder to ourselves. And we learn that ... we are always there."

- Catherine Kell, Founder of The Self-Compassion Community