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Feeling with the heart really is our most powerful connector. Not just to others, but to ourselves too.

When we are depleted, beating ourselves up, feeling inadequate, and being crushed by our own harsh self-criticism, self-compassion offers us a way to actively soothe ourselves.

When we are caught up in the discomfort of people-pleasing, exhausted by caregiving or habitually putting ourselves last (and sometimes resenting it), self-compassion offers us a way to attend to our needs with awareness.

When we need to speak up, take action to protect ourselves or motivate ourselves, self-compassion offers us a way to stand in our truth.

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"Couldn't have done this without you - you've changed our world in one weekend."
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"Superb interpersonal skills. Catherine is a great mentor and fantastic communicator."
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"Catherine Kell is one of the most caring, diligent people that I have ever met."
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Our peace doesn't come from pushing away our pain or our difficult experiences ...

It comes when we can safely and compassionately turn towards the truth of the way we feel in response to our experiences. I hope I can guide you on your journey.

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