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"You are not unworthy, deficient, bad, 'not enough', a failure ... You are a beautiful human made up of your whole lifetime of events and experiences, and who is worthy of compassion and nurture."

~ C a t h e r i n e  K e l l

1-to-1 sessions (online)

Working with me individually is therapeutic, but it is not therapy. Rather, it is a journey of nurtured and warmhearted resource-building, learning, practice and healing - opening the gateway to new ways of being, in mind and in heart. There is no striving, chasing of goals, or 'fixing' (you are not broken). I offer you warm connection and mindful presence, and provide self-compassion meditations, exercises and guidance to help you connect with your inner nurturer and relate to yourself in a kinder way, especially when you suffer or feel inadequate.

I provide online 1-to-1 sessions for those who don't feel they want to participate in a group environment to cultivate the skills and resources of self-compassion. For some, an individual, tailored approach feels best and I have taught, guided and mentored individuals in mindfulness and self-compassion practices, exercises and meditations in 1-to-1 sessions over many years helping people:

~ to develop the capacity to be a best friend to themselves, to be with themselves in a kinder, more supportive and more empowered way

~ to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding

~ to motivate themselves with kindness instead of self-criticism

~ to improve relationships by being able to give themselves what they need

~ to handle emotions with greater ease and to establish a more understanding relationship with thoughts and feelings 

~ to take protective action when they need to stand firm

~ to cultivate mindfulness and self-compassionate resources, including habits and behaviours that support well-being and are accessible in daily life

~ to truly nurture, nourish and care for themselves in both mind and body


Issues you may be experiencing

Do you struggle with liking yourself or accepting who you are? Perhaps you are struggling with self-criticism? Are you kind to others but overly mean towards yourself when you feel you've failed or made a mistake? Do you feel you are caught in negative self-judgement? Perhaps you are experiencing caregiver fatigue? Sometimes we are outwardly coping with difficulties and challenges yet we are stuffing down feelings and know we are not managing well. Perhaps you are seeking support and guidance because you feel uncomfortable with a sense of imperfection or believe you are flawed? Perhaps you are tired of beating yourself up? Or feel disconnected? Some people come to me because they feel caught in negative cycles of thinking and ruminating, or they are struggling with stress. I can help you turn towards your humanity, and offer yourself your understanding, support, kindness and compassion.


Benefits of learning the skills and resources of mindfulness-based self-compassion

Benefits of the tools I teach include increasing inner strength, happiness and resilience, boosting self-worth and bolstering coping skills. And interestingly, nurturing self-compassion is proven to help us in our caregiving roles. In addition to learning to relate to ourselves in a kinder way, self-compassion practices also help us generate more compassion towards others.

The journey also entails awakening to and embracing imperfection (we are all imperfect) and nurturing empowerment and courage, calm, gratitude, self-kindness, appreciation and lovingkindness to ourselves and others. I believe in your inner wisdom, and it is my privilege to remind you of who you really are - a human being made up of a lifetime of events and experiences, who is worthy of compassion and nurture.


How it works

Duration: Cultivating mindfulness-based self-compassion takes time and practice to become a habitual resource for us in our lives. It is a journey, and it usually takes 12 sessions to establish a practice that brings you new ways of being. I also offer a lighter 6-session approach which provides you with starter-skills and a foundation of self-compassion practice. There is also the option for a one-off single session if you want to get a feel for working with me, or have something specific to address.

Session Length: Sessions are 1 hour in duration. Sessions take place weekly wherever possible. 

Cost: Available upon enquiry.

Home Practice: There will be homework! Practice between sessions is important.

Tech: Sessions take place online and you will be provided with your own individual private session link, with password. You will need access to a computer/device with a camera and microphone and a private place within which to partake in your session.


Benefits of working with me individually

Tailored to you: Many of the resources, skills and practices I teach in 1-to-1 sessions are similar to those taught in group work, yet working with me individually allows me to tailor sessions to what you need. I work in an integrative way, blending years of experience as a former therapist (a reminder that these sessions are NOT therapy) with my mindfulness, mindful self-compassion and compassion cultivation training. Using my varied experience, I weave the right meditations, exercises and approaches into my sessions depending on your needs.  You can find out more about my qualifications here.

Mentoring: Working with me individually means you have my full attention, care and guidance throughout our sessions and I can attend to your own personal challenges and areas of difficulty.

Flexibility: The booking of 1-to-1 sessions will always be flexible to your schedule rather than the fixed dates of a set group course so we can adjust sessions as necessary around illness, planned holidays etc.

Deepening Practice / Ongoing 1-to-1 Work: If you wish to deepen your practice or to address any arising issues at a future point, I offer 'top-up' sessions. These can be scheduled whenever you feel you need mentorship and guidance. I'm flexible and always aim to support you in the best way possible.

How to work with me

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Contact me

Please click below to get started. It's a simple form with some important questions to help me understand if what I offer is right for your needs. We then discuss next steps in a free 20 minute discovery call.

*No current availability means this form is currently offline. Please message me to notify interest. I will be in touch as soon as spaces open up.

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Free discovery call

Filling in the form first is a good foundation to have a mutually helpful free 20 min chat. You have provided some info, and I already know a bit about you and what you're looking for. It's an opportunity for us both to ask questions.

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If it feels like the right fit and you want to go ahead and book sessions I will send you a link to complete an Intake Form, accept Ts&Cs, and make payment. I will then book in sessions for you.


Testimonials reproduced on this site are all verifiable but have been anonymised in order to maintain confidentiality in the public domain.
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“When I think of the situation we were in a few months ago - we had pretty well run out of hope - and compare that to yesterday when we sat at dinner together chatting to a completely transformed person. Thank you once again, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

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“Her strategies always help me to get back on track. She is thoroughly reliable and trustworthy and also such a friendly positive person and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.”

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“Superb interpersonal skills. Catherine is a great mentor and fantastic communicator. She is a joy to work with. She brings experience, intelligence and imagination to all her work.”

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‚Äč“In each session she has proved herself the consummate professional. Catherine has the rare combined attributes of old-school thoroughness and a fresh, modern outlook.” 

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“You’ve done a fantastic job, again. You’re a very professional individual – very flexible, very receptive, a great problem solver and an excellent communicator.” 

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“I learned to view things in a different way … made me feel less stressed and more in touch with the present moment.”

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“She is a reliable and honest person who is easy to get on with. I am very happy with the results.” 

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“You’re a genius! We’re all so happy and mentally stronger!”

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“She is both professional and relaxed at the same time – a hard act to beat.” 

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