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"Offering yourself compassion is a gateway to heart-opening. A gateway to allowing all parts of yourself to exist in your kind awareness. This includes the parts you've hidden, buried, forgotten, shamed, suppressed, hushed or extinguished. This heart opening is the beginning of reclaiming your wholeness."

~ C a t h e r i n e   K e l l


I am available to provide talks, workshops or keynotes at your event, conference, school, workplace, team-building experience, retreat ... and more.

I am passionate about the power of self-compassion and the part it has played in my own journey (happy to share my story, and often do - it makes the message much more relatable!).


Examples of talks and topics

Some examples of the topics I cover are below, please take a scroll down this page. These are just examples and are not set in stone.

I'm more than happy to consider your suggestions if there is another self-compassion related angle or aspect you'd like me to explore that is most aligned with your event. If it's in the scope of my knowledge, I can either tailor an example topic I have listed here, or create something new for you. Timings of talks are flexible and I am Q&A friendly.

If you're interested in inviting me to provide a workshop or talk for you and would like to find out more about my availability and fees please send me a message via the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!

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An Introduction to 'Mindful Self-Compassion'

An introductory workshop specific to Mindful Self-Compassion. This workshop, up to 3 hours in length, explores what MSC is, what it is not, how it can benefit us and recommended next steps. This is an interactive 'taster' workshop where participants take part in some starter exercises and practices. 

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Self-Compassion: How it Builds Resilience and Inner Strength

Exploring further this specific benefit of cultivating self-compassion in our lives: the building of inner strength and resilience. This topic can be woven into the context of your specific event or workplace.

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Self-Compassion and Parenting

There are specific demands and challenges associated with becoming and being a parent. Self-compassion research has shown to increase forgiveness, resilience, perspective, well-being and our compassion for others - all so helpful when raising our children. I am a former therapist who worked with families, children and specifically mothers. There is a lot of scope here for a provision of workshops and various speaking opportunities. Please get in touch and we can discuss.

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Self-Compassion in the Workplace 

When we're feeling inadequate or 'less than' at work it can spiral into worsening self-criticsm, feelings of shame and negative self-judgement. What about feeling nervous at work? Or making mistakes? What about perfectionism and people pleasing in the workplace? What about fatigue and the daily grind? Self-compassion provides us with a powerful refuge and resilience. Self-compassion is also shown to increase our capacity for compassion towards others, which is also greatly needed in the workplace.

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Caregiver Fatigue: How Self-Compassion Can Aid and Support

There's only so long you can show up for others without showing up for yourself too. This talk explores our need to relate to (and do something about) our own exhaustion, pain, suffering. Self-compassion is the antidote we need and I can provide examples of ways we can turn towards ourselves as well as others.

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Mindful Awareness and its Role in Cultivating Self-Compassion 

Without mindfulness, how do we notice when we are challenged, distressed, facing struggle, suffering? This talk explores how mindfulness helps us recognise and acknowledge our difficult experience so that we can do something to alleviate it: offer ourselves the healing balm of compassion.

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Myth-Busting Self-Compassion

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around self-compassion. We can be so scathing about being kind to ourselves, or feel that offering ourselves our support and understanding equates to weakness, indulging ourselves, wallowing in our misfortune or even copping out altogether. This talk tackles these misconceptions and explains why self-compassion is a transformative and valuable resource which also includes accountability and taking best action.

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Cultivating Compassion Towards our Bodies

It is not uncommon that we are harsh and critical when it comes to our relationship with our body image and the way we look. We may also have issues around the functioning of our body or it's capabilities. This talk is flexible and can be delivered in different ways depending upon the audience - it can be tailored to suit hospital groups, schools, health centres, health/well-being charities, wellness initiatives and more.

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Understanding Self-Criticism and Developing a Kinder Inner Voice

This talk takes a look into self-criticism, the ways it can develop in us, and how to manage our relationship with it in a more supportive and healthy way. I also talk about working on how to discover the compassionate voice within, our inner nurturer, which can offer us a kinder inner voice. This talk can include starter practices if delivered as a workshop.

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Become a Kind Support to Yourself - Learning to Handle Challenge and Difficulty in a New Way

Exploring how we so often fall into self-blame, negative self-judgement, or feeling so bad about ourselves when we make a mistake or feel like we've failed. This talk explains how self-compassion offers us something kind, caring, supportive, motivating and protecting and looks at ways to cultivate these skills with possible taster practices.

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The Differences between Self-Compassion and Self-Esteem

This talk draws on cited research to explore what makes self-esteem and self-evaluation different from self-compassion, and why cultivating self-compassion helps to support us and relate to ourselves in a kinder and more understanding way.

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Self-Compassion: Both Softness AND Strength

Self-compassion is soft, kind and gentle when we need comfort and soothing. It is also strong and empowering, motivating and protecting when we need to validate our needs, stand up for ourselves and set boundaries. This talk explores both these aspects of self-compassion.

Testimonials reproduced here are all verifiable but have been anonymised to maintain confidentiality in the public domain.

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“Responsive and fun; appreciative and questioning; energetic and committed; intelligent and incisive.” 

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“Catherine is incredibly professional and highly knowledgeable."

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“Catherine has a can-do attitude at all times, always keeps her cool, and always delivers top notch services.” 

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