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"Cultivating self-compassion is learning to hold challenging feelings about ourselves and our experiences in our own embrace."

~ C a t h e r i n e   K e l l

The Community

Coming later in 2021 ...

A private community space where members can come to learn and practice foundation skills of self-compassion and mindfulness with my teaching, support and guidance.

I'm so excited about creating this warm private space for a thriving, engaged and empowered member community.


The Self-Compassion Community will be a place you can come to honour yourself, embrace your worth and build your resources.

I've been teaching people mindfulness and self-compassion practices for years in a 1-to-1 therapeutic model, and whilst many need (and desire) individual guidance and a structured process of individual attention and teaching in order to go deep and facilitate real, lasting change, I know that some desire to learn and practice foundation skills to add to their well-being toolkit, and enjoy doing so as part of a larger community.

Of course there won't be the same depth or breadth of attention that I provide in individual sessions or smaller group work, yet through the creation of The Self-Compassion Community I wish to offer some foundation teachings and group practice sessions to a much wider audience in an affordable way.


Hearts open when we realise we are not alone

In my work to date, the heart opening that comes with the transformative healing power of self-compassion has happened within the 1-to-1 or small group container, yet I am also passionate about the healing power of larger community.

Nurturing a kind connection with ourselves and our inner world is truly at the very cornerstone of our wellbeing. And doing so within the strength and togetherness of warm community provides another route for people who need to find a way of learning and practicing starter-skills in a more affordable way (or indeed because it's a personal preference over being in a 1-to-1 or small group context).


So how?

Inside the member space I will teach foundation or starter-level self-compassion and mindfulness practices month-by-month, perhaps looking at different emotions or issues each month. I will answer Q&A, and provide a way for the community to practice together with my guidance. ‚Äč

Just as I do in my other teachings, I will approach every interaction with warmth, compassion, connection and heartfelt listening and The Self-Compassion Community will be a safe, non-judgmental and deeply respectful space.

I look forward to launching it!

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